Tory Lanez Tells Doubters “I Told You” On His Debut Album [Review]

I Told You is so much deeper … You know, you can stab somebody, but there’s a difference between stabbing somebody and twisting the knife … I Told You is the twist in the knife.
 Tory Lanez

Since 2009, Tory Lanez has generated 45 singles, 23, music videos, 15 mixtapes, and 1 EP; would you believe that now, in 2016, we can finally add 1 album to that list?! The self-proclaimed “new Toronto” singer and rapper released his debut album I Told You on August 19, 2016. The album tells the story of Lanez’s life from when he starting making music up until he was discovered and signed to Interscope. His journey tells the tale of a hungry artist who lived with his aunt because he lost his mom. Due to his involvement in the streets, his aunt eventually kicked him out of her house and Tory was left with nowhere to go. While dreaming of becoming an artist, the conflict of being hooked to the street life was always in the way. Tory went back and forth from living with his ride-or-die girlfriend, living with friends, living in cars, and at times, having no place to live at all. As time progressed, his girl left him due to repeated disappointments and jealously became present between friends. Tory was left to no one by his side. Realizing these reoccurring issues, Tory retired the street life. He always knew that he had a purpose in life that was bigger than the one he was living. Continuing to follow his dream of becoming an artist, Lanez pushed through, proving all the doubters wrong where he can now look back and say “I told you.”:

Stream I Told You now in Apple Music:



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