[EXCLUSIVE] The Queens Court Promote HIV Prevention at ‘The Great Debate!’ in DC

After an episode gone left, rumors of demise, and separate stories of what went down, TS Madison & Khia of The Queens Court return, cheek by jowl, for their scheduled appearances in Washington, DC.

The duo appeared last night at club Karma where the love between the two shone through as they performed “Next Caller.” Following an exciting night, the queens headed to The Manor DC for an event put on the DC chapter of Impulse Group, an organization geared toward promoting HIV awareness and education.

TS Madison & Khia moderator for the organization’s “The Great Debate!” The Queens Court and panelists debated on which method of HIV prevention they found more effective: condoms or PrEP? This debate offered insight on the effectiveness of each method with stats to match. Of course, the debate had hilarious commentary from TS Madison & Khia which kept the crowd live.


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Before the debate kicked off, attendees had a share of complimentary brunch & Mimosas as DJ Tryfe played an irresistible mix of bops. As showtime rolled around, Impulse Group DC’s director of operations, DeVonte Whitson, began explaining the event’s purpose, to gain education about condoms & PrEP, and introduced the chapter’s board members.


TS Madison quickly took over to get the debate started. She first had to let the crowd know the love she has for Khia is undeniable. She even dropped a shameless plug for Khia’s new show, Gag Order, premiering Monday’s at 8 pm EST on Facebook Live & Instagram Live.


TS Madison then kicked off the debate. Two teams went head to head in discussing why they think condoms or PrEP is the better. Check out the ‘The Great Debate!’ in full below:




To end a great debate, TS Madison tallied up the winner. Between condoms and PrEP, the winner for the preferred protection is *drumroll*:


Be sure to check out the return of The Queens Court Monday, March 19 at 10 pm EST and visit Impulse Group DC for more information on the organization.


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