Billboard Hot 100 Revamp Highlights Artist Discovery

Since 1958, The Billboard Hot 100 chart has been the standard for artists in all genres to track the success of their songs and now, an added element makes this accomplishment even more aspiring. The site that tracks an artist’s sales, radio play, and streaming, is now placing emphasis on artist discovery in the revamp of their digital chart.

The new look of the Hot 100 chart is cleaner in design with more color and stress on bold typography. Noticing that artists who hit the top of the chart will most likely post a screenshot of the online entry, those with a No. 1 slot can now share the milestone with a shiny outline. Billboard also continues to place emphasis on content, now through artist discovery. Each Hot 100 entry has a button that plays built-in original videos from the series, Must-Hear Music, that includes a teaser of the track along with some fun facts.

So, if you’re on the Hot 100 chart, your chance of remaining there and/or peaking in rank may increase. A chart-checker may stumble upon your entry, become curious, and decide to press play; all in hopes that they fall in love with your song and you gain another fan.

Check out Billboard‘s revamped, speedy, mobile-first design Hot 100 chart here.