Chance the Rapper Purchases ‘Chicagoist’ News Site

Following the false-alarm of an album release, Chance the Rapper dropped four new tracks including, “I Might Need Security,” which revealed the artist’s latest deed for his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

On the track, Chance the Rapper spits,

I got a hit-list so long I don’t know how to finish.

I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches outta business.

In which he really did.

According to Gothamist, the 25-year-old rapper, born Chancelor Bennett, purchased Chicagoist from the public radio station, WNYC, through his Social Media LLC company. Back in February, WNYC was apart of a union that bought the ‘-ist’ sites including GothamistLAist, and DCist.

In a statement, Bennett revealed his enthusiasm.

I’m extremely excited to be continuing the work of the Chicagoist, an integral local platform for Chicago news, events, and entertainment. WNYC’s commitment to finding homes for the ‘-ist’ brands, including Chicagoist, was an essential part of continuing the legacy and integrity of the site. I look forward to re-launching it and bringing the people of Chicago an independent media outlet focused on amplifying diverse voices and content.

What other reason did you need to believe those lyrics from the man who donated $1 million & raised $1.2 million for Chicago Public Schools and denounced plans for a proposed $95 million police academy at a Chicago city council meeting? As a result of possesing Chicagoist‘s archives, social media, and more, the outlook of Chicago in media will see a shift for the better.

Listen to the track that revealed the good news below: