YG Donates $150,000 to GirlCodeLA

YG visited GirlCodeLA to give $150,000 to the startup company whose purpose is to empower young female coders.

In a statement, YG told Billboard his motive behind giving back to this specific cause:

Gender bias plays a role in the amount of exposure students receive in regards to technology and coding. This leads to influence future decisions within their field, creating smaller opportunities for diversity. With my donation, I hope they’ll be able to expand their reach of future female coders and programmers. I want to make sure I’m doing my part, I got a daughter and I respect the G Code.


YG mentors at GirlCodeLAAlong with his donation, YG held a mentoring session with the girls about progressive professions and handed out free Beats By Dre headphones.

Dez White, an African-American female entrepreneur and author, founded GirlCodeLA after facing her own struggles to prevail in the world of tech. The company teaches women about computer science, software engineering, and business with career blueprints through hands-on training, classes, and seminars.

In an Instagram post, GirlCodeLA expressed their appreciation for YG’s donation. Their caption reads, “Thanks to @YG to donating 150k towards our goal! We were so thrilled to have you stop by and give our girls a special mentoring session to discuss the importance of exploring non-traditional career paths.”

YG donates $1.5K to GirlCodeLA