Killer Mike Joins Board of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art

“For me, I’m the working class social connectivity.”

Killer Mike is extending his resumé as an activist as he’s joined the board of the popular Atlanta museum, High Museum. Mike, born Michael Render, joined the 85-person Board of Directors with community leaders Jean Hanges, Keinon Johnson, and David Park for a three-year term.

Render spoke to Atlanta’s WXIA-TV about his latest move. He discussed how it only took one call to convince him to join the board where he’ll ultimately align the museum with the artistic expression of Atlanta and bring in a more diverse crowd:

I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m a kid like you who is from here. We’re from here. We’re a product of the schools here. We were told by our parents to go out and make good and make sure your name is good in this community. So one more role is not going to hurt. That’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

I think the High Museum is a cool place and it should be shown as a cool place and I think that the way you show things is a cool place these days, you’re lining it with whatever cool artistic moments and right now that’s hip-hop, that is R&B; that is Atlanta nightlife and culture.
You grow your audience if you want people coming in droves that look like me to the High. Engage them young and make it a safe place and space for them. Meaning they’ll always feel welcomed and encouraged to come there.

Watch 11Alive’s news clip and full Q&A with Render below:


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